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Organization and Background of Business

Organization and Background of Business
4 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2021
Organization and Background of Business  
Organization and Background of Business

1.Organization and Background of Business

Aris Water Solutions, Inc. (“Aris”), was incorporated on May 26, 2021 as a Delaware corporation.

Aris was formed to serve as the issuer in an initial public offering of equity (“IPO” or the “Offering”). Concurrent with the completion of the IPO, Aris became the new parent holding company of Solaris Midstream Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Solaris LLC”).

As described in more detail in Note 4 – Subsequent Events, on October 26, 2021, Aris completed the Offering of 20,297,500 shares of its Class A common stock, par value $0.01 per share (“Class A common stock”), which includes 2,647,500 shares of Class A common stock issued and sold pursuant to the underwriters’ exercise of their option in full to purchase additional shares of Class A common stock, at a price to the public of $13.00 per share ($12.22 net of underwriting discounts and commissions). After deducting underwriting discounts and commissions and offering expenses payable by Aris, Aris received net proceeds of approximately $246.1 million. Aris contributed all of the net proceeds of the IPO received to Solaris LLC in exchange for Solaris LLC Units. Solaris LLC distributed approximately $213.3 million of the net proceeds to the existing owners of Solaris LLC and retained the remaining $32.8 million of the net proceeds for general corporate purposes, which may include capital expenditures, working capital and potential acquisitions and strategic transactions.

Aris is a holding company and its principal asset is a membership interest in Solaris LLC. As the managing member of Solaris LLC, Aris operates and controls all of the business and affairs of Solaris LLC, and through Solaris LLC and its subsidiaries, conducts its business. As a result, beginning in the fourth quarter of 2021, Aris will consolidate the financial results of Solaris LLC and report noncontrolling interest related to the portion of Solaris LLC Units not owned by Aris, which will reduce net income attributable to Aris’ Class A common stockholders.

As a company with less than $1.07 billion in revenue during our last fiscal year, Aris qualifies as an “emerging growth company” as defined in the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 (the “JOBS Act”). The JOBS Act provides that an emerging growth company may take advantage of an extended transition period for complying with new or revised accounting standards. This provision allows an emerging growth company to delay the adoption of accounting standards until those standards would otherwise apply to private companies. We have elected to take advantage of this extended transition period, and as a result, we will comply with new or revised accounting standards on the relevant dates on which adoption is required for private companies.